Shelly’s Restaurant, Premiere Plaza



You won’t find Shelly’s Restaurant in any travel brochure or local guides but rest assure it’s very rewarding to seek out this hidden treasure.

Most noteworthy landmark in the vicinity is the broadcast station RETV – from there you should have no problem spotting this restaurant snuggly located at the far left of Premiere Plaza on Constant Spring Road, Kingston.

For starters the natural fruit juice selection is top of the line at this eatery and I highly recommend the rich yet refreshing ginger pineapple juice… it’s a must have with any meal!

From the island’s national dish ackee & saltfish with boiled green bananas to oxtail with rice & peas this tiny yet popular local lunch joint offers up an unpretentious menu with hearty portions. Alongside the stereotypical local fares chop suey and fried rice dishes are a big hit at Shelly’s Restaurant thanks to the island’s considerable Chinese influence.

Given the compact dinning quarters at Shelly’s Restaurant, whether it’s by the inside seating or the porch accommodation, everyone organically becomes friends and is treated like family.

So for some honest, humble Jamaican food with local charm, it doesn’t get much better than Shelly’s Restaurant.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation