Paintball Jamaica



Paintball Jamaica has created the ultimate fun paintball experience in Jamaica, nestled in the heart of nature in the lush woodlands of Falmouth; our facility is the ideal setting.
Rumble in the jungle with us as our friendly staff is available to help with strategies or any other situation to ensure the highest quality of play. We are a fully equipped outdoor facility and our field is ideal for players of all levels.

Paintball Jamaica is a 7 minute drive from the Falmouth Pier, 30 minutes from the Montego Bay Pier, and 1 hour from Ocho Rios. It is one smooth ride on Highway 2000. Food, picnic benches and restrooms are also available at our facility so the only thing you will need is cash, a camera, and an adventurous spirit.

As soon as you arrive you will be given a full safety briefing by our experienced Marshall, you will also be given a Paintball Marker equipped with a Compressed Air Canister, complete Face & Ear Protection and Paintballs. It is advisable to wear long-sleeve shirt, Jean Pants and Sneakers. We offer interesting and unconventional scenarios to play.
Recommended for both men and women, Capture the flag, last man standing, last team standing are just a few of the games you will play. Playtime for Paintball is 90 minutes and we are sure you will enjoy every minute of it.

Laser Tag which is the ball less form of Paintball is promoted for children and women mostly as there are no paintballs to contend with when playing this game. Challenge your tactical skills with our laser guns as you strategically plan to take down your opponents and be the last team standing. Our outdoor field takes the game of laser tag to a new level using natural terrain, perfect for hiding spots. Avoid the land mines at all cost and seek new life at the respawn stations.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation