Norma’s Restaurant



An eclectic fusion of different nations and their natural bounties prepared and placed creatively on the plate. Whether it is called New World Caribbean, Carib Asian or Nuevo Latino, one thing is for certain, some wonderful creative minds with a passion for flavor have melded together the earth’s edible treasures.

All of the food at Norma’s is cooked with some of the finest ingredients and the freshest of all available produce. Chefs take special care in preparing each and every dish to create the most sumptuous fare. It is the chefs’ pleasure to provide you with a dining experience that will be exciting, enjoyable and memorable. So sit back and enjoy a nice bottle of wine or one of the many fabulous Tropical Drinks available. Norma’s request that if you have any specific allergies or dietary requirements please inform the wait-staff so they can do their best to fit your needs.

Norma Shirley was often referred to as the “Julia Child of the Caribbean” and her heritage of serving some of the best food in the Caribbean continues. Since the opening of Norma’s on the Beach at Sea Splash, critics, locally and internationally, have agreed that the cuisine at Norma’s is to be savored and applauded.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation