Little Tokyo, Kingston



With great prices and delicious food, the Little Tokyo Asian food restaurant is attracting lunch and dinner time crowds with their combination of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malaysian meals to go. The Buffet style counter offers each customer a choice of one to three meats with a serving of fried rice or lo mien noodles. Popular options include Thai-Style Fish and Tso’s Chicken which is simmered in a sweet and tangy sauce. Vegetarians, however, aren’t forgotten; Tofu in Brown Sauce and Seasonal Vegetable Stir-Fry are wonderful non-meat options offered and are surprisingly popular among patrons. Although Asian food restaurants have been springing up all over Kingston, Little Tokyo is the first of its kind to offer well prepared Asian cuisine to-go for reasonable prices. The red and gold Japanese inspired d├ęcor makes the restaurant hard to miss, and once you’re close enough the tempting aroma of mouthwatering, freshly cooked food is not easily escaped.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation