Houseboat Grill – Montego Bay Freeport

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The Houseboat Grill is an elegant and romantic dining option on the outskirts of Montego Bay. The restaurant can be found moored at the Montego Bay Freeport Village, overlooking the Bogue Lagoon.
The restaurant is in a converted houseboat with tables inside, on the roof and around the decking. If you’re seated outside, enjoy the marvelous scenery of the hills surrounding Montego Bay and the sound of fish occasionally splashing in the surrounding water.

As you arrive at the Houseboat you need to be ferried across to the restaurant on the “floating bridge” which traverses the 10 foot of water between the land and the restaurant.

The Houseboat Grill offers a small, specially selected, Caribbean fusion menu which is constantly being updated. When lobster is on the menu you can choose your lobster from a pen which is set in to the floor of the restaurant with a glass lid.
There is also a bar on the roof, overlooking the lagoon, which is popular with well-heeled Montegonians.

The Houseboat Grill started life in the 1970s as a bar and nightclub in the district of Whitehouse. In the 1980s it was towed to its current location in the Bogue Lagoon. Whilst there Steve McQueen stayed on the boat whilst filming Papillion.
The current owners, Scott Stanley and Richard Nurse bought the houseboat in 2001 and have been running it as a fine dining restaurant since 5 October of that year.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation