Hot Pot (The), Kingston



The Hot Pot in New Kingston is across the street from the Altamont Court Hotel and only a short walk from the Jamaica Pegasus. The Hot Pot prides itself on having the atmosphere of a simple Jamaican home. An island cuisine menu offers stewed chicken, steamed fish and okra, curried goat, and fried chicken with a hefty side order of yam and dumplings. You can also order fresh juices, such as soursop, June plum and beetroot with milk and sugar. The interior is decorated with rustic earth tones, and plenty of plants fill the dining area. The restaurant stays open throughout the day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make like a Jamaican and drop by for a breakfast of salt fish and ackee. It’s recommended you have Jamaican currency with you as their conversion on U.S. dollars is somewhat less than generous.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation