Deli Works, Sovereign Centre



It’s all in the bun.
That’s a big part of what makes Deli Works line of specialty burgers, well…… special. The mid-level diner which shares space with the Sovereign Centre branch of Café Blue is the only burger joint yet to be uncovered in Kingston that uses an exclusively made artisanal bun. And if you don’t think it makes a difference, then you simply aren’t a “burger-meister.”

But of course, the critical question returns: the beef. Well, at Deli Works, the beef is also supremely moist and juicy (best had medium well) and spiffed up with a range of embellishments that runs from blue cheese and mushrooms, pineapples and even shrimp. Size matters, of course and those with a hearty appetite won’t be disappointed by the Deli Works burgers, but you should also leave room for their mouth-watering flan.

And Deli Works has great treats beyond the bun. Everything from classic Jamaican entrees (oxtail and beans, stew peas – that’s kidney beans to the uninitiated) to wraps and conventional comfort food. All in a sleekly appointed urban diner setting that affords you the opportunity to gaze at passers-by in the busy mall, if you’re lucky enough to snag a window seat.

Whether or not, Deli Works is the casual dining date that you won’t soon forget.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation