Chelsea Jerk Centre, Kingston



Chelsea Jerk Centre is around the corner from Scotchie’s Tree and near the New Kingston Shopping Plaza. This Kingston bad boy does its business from a squat building under a swinging Pepsi sign (which is an outrage—it should be Ting, a soda made from Jamaican grapefruit). You can order takeout, but grab one of the seats inside and soak up the atmosphere. Chelsea Jerk is the real deal when it comes to authentic jerk cooking, with a variety of dishes, including chicken, pork and fish in season. You can also order up a medley of traditional island sides, from slightly sweet cornmeal dumplings, called festivals, to stick-to-your-ribs roasted breadfruit. Top bargain is the “Chelsea’s Special”—a heaping plate of rice, peas, vegetables and jerked pork or chicken. If you want to dump the jerk, you can order oxtail and stewed fish.

Source: LeAntonios Vacation