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We provide companies worldwide with high-performance servers for web hosting, application development, enterprise email and other data intensive online services. Since 1994, the InterlincNetwork has powered the online services for companies of all sizes across the Caribbean and North America.

Web Hosting Solutions That Work.

Whether you need a host for your small business website or are looking for enterprise-grade managed dedicated, virtualized or cloud servers, InterlincNetwork & it’s parent Interlinc Communications is here to help.

Interlinc Communications offers a comprehensive website hosting platform, utilizing the latest in high-performance Microsoft Windows & CentOS web servers for maximum reliability and up-time.

Services Offered:

  • Windows & Linux Servers
  • Small Business Hosting
  • Dedicated Managed Servers
  • Business Email
  • Virtualized Servers (HyperV)
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Application Development
  • Web Design
  • Database Management

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Provider

There are thousands of web hosting companies — the services that essentially connect your site to the internet. So how does an entrepreneur choose the one that’s right for his or her business? To ensure that your hosting company supports your business needs and doesn’t create unnecessary hurdles to your website’s success, you first need to understand the major types of hosting. Then, consider some basic criteria to help choose the best plan for you.

Types of web hosting plans: As you begin shopping for a web hosting plan, you’ll encounter a number of different types, including the following options:

  • Shared Hosting Plans
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Managed Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Based Hosting

What to look for in a hosting plan: Once you’ve decided on the type of hosting plan, consider these issues in choosing a specific provider:

  1. Cost. While it’s important to look for a hosting provider that offers reasonable rates, avoid free hosting programs entirely, as they may be unreliable and their low costs are often subsidized by required on-site advertisements.
  2. Customer reviews. Customer reviews can be an excellent resource in evaluating web hosts because any fly-by-night host can put up a professional-looking sales page and make bold promises. Search for multiple reviews from current or past customers because a single positive review could have originated from the company’s own marketing department.
  3. Customer support. Whether you’re a beginning webmaster or a more experienced digital business owner, you’ll want a dependable customer support team behind your web hosting plan. Things can and will go wrong on your website’s backend, but getting support when you need it can go a long way toward minimizing any potential damage to your business.
  4. Storage and bandwidth allowances. As more hosting plans begin offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth, this may not be a concern for your business. But it’s still important to be aware of any limitations to ensure that your plan has enough space for your website to operate effectively.
  5. Script support. One final consideration is the hosting company’s built-in support for popular web scripts. Say, for example, you want to run WordPress on your website. Some hosts offer built-in script packages that make the installation of this popular blogging platform a breeze. Other hosts limit the number of MySQL databases that can be created, which you’ll need to run WordPress and other programs.

Credit: AJ Kumar, Entrepreneur.com