Activegear Limited

With the need to able to acquire quality uniform accessories and supplies at a reasonably price with reasonable availability there was a great need for a service to fill this need. Active Gear was born out of the idea of providing the Caribbean’s Defence, Constabulary and Cadet Forces with a place where this can all be done hassle free and located right here in the Caribbean.

QM Stores is the first known online shopping company that fully supply the Caribbean with uniform accessories needed to help our customers get the proper kit for the various occasions that require them. All our websites are sources of tremendous information on the history, composition and usage of all our products from IT supplies to uniform accessories. With us, you will find that we not just list products for sale, but we are a source of information for officers, soldiers and cadets about the history, relevance and uses of different accessories worn in the military and cadet forced in the Caribbean and the wider commonwealth.